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Ballooning's Leader For Over 45 Years

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Ballooning's Leader For Over 45 Years

Join the world famous Capt Phogg® Balloon Rides for the ultimate adventure in ballooning. Stop in our showroom to check out the fun!

We are one of the largest & longest running balloon ride operations in the country! We are one of only a handful of balloon ride companies in the nation to offer our own full service location and launch area for our customers. You should expect more from professionals than to randomly meet at some parking lot, park or someone else's business location. We are dedicated to offering the most professional service to our customers which means that our location will always strive to offer the best ballooning adventure, our pilots are some of the most experienced in the country & we are dedicated to making your flight a fantastic lifetime memory.

When comparing flights here are some questions you should ask:

Can you visit their showroom & talk to their pilots? Many pilots have no location for you to visit because they do this from home. Ticket resellers or part time pilots will not be able to offer you a good answer because they have no location, would you buy other products or services like that? There is more to your experience when done professionally. WE invite you to visit our showroom, speak with one of our pilots, see exactly where you will launch from and view all that we have to offer. You can certainly purchase by phone or web as well, but you will know you are buying from an established company with a real location for you to come to for your flight, much more than just a meeting place. You can even play a game of golf on our 18 hole aviation themed mini-golf course or relax while you picnic at our beautiful park like setting while still having the convenience of a balloon dedicated showroom location. (and of course, indoor restroom!) Imagine meeting your pilot at a remote location with no facilities!

How many years have they been flying? Capt. Phogg Balloon Rides has been flying the area for over 45 years & our commercial licensed pilots are some of the most experienced anywhere averaging thousands of flights each!

What kind of countryside will you be flying over? Ever hear the term "Location Is Everything". It is very true for ballooning as well. Our showroom location is centrally located among many lakes, rolling hills & abundant wildlife for a beautiful adventure. We use this launch site because it is one of the most beautiful locations to fly! No meeting at a random location here, our own beautiful site was chosen for its great location for ballooning, very beautiful area and easy to get to! We invest in our customers by offering the best experience possible.

Do they have multiple pilots so you will be able to schedule when you want to? Capt Phogg Balloon Rides is one of the largest operations in the country often flying multiple balloons.

Do they fly year round, we mean all year sunrise & sunset? We will schedule all year sunrise & sunset, we exclude Christmas and of course flights are weather permitting.

Are they a ticket reseller, do they have balloons you can actually see, or do they just sell tickets? This is a new problem in ballooning, with many internet companies that don't even own balloons trying to sell tickets that they then try to get someone in your area to fly at the lowest cost. The ticket sellers take advantage of the fact that most people do not know what kind of questions they should ask and only choose the flight based on the price. The most likely pilots to take these tickets would be the less experienced that have no customer base of their own. Less experience is the last thing you want in a pilot or company that you are depending on with your safety. You can be a commercial balloon pilot with as little as 35 hours of flight! Most people never ask the qualifications of the pilots prior to the purchase! Our pilots are some of the most experienced in the country and average thousands of flights.

Flights are scheduled year round, weather permitting, from our launch grounds and showroom located in a beautiful countryside setting in the Fenton, MI. area. Flights are scheduled sunrise and sunset. We offer private flights, group flights, traditional flights and custom tailored flights. Every flight includes all the extras you would expect from a Capt Phogg® balloon ride experience, including champagne, flight souvenirs and certificates. Shop online, stop in our showroom, or call 248-634-3094 to set up your adventure.